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Creative Team

hiring a creative

Hire a creative team instead! Our full-service Creative Team Subscription offers the quality and benefits of an entire team of creative minds — at a price point comparable to hiring one employee.


The creative needs of a growing nonprofit community are complex. We have worked with dozens of leaders across multiple sectors, and have developed an effective solution built specifically with nonprofit organizations in mind. 

grace & peace

Our namesake represents our desire to create a harmonious community, united in the midst of our diversity. Having a diverse team of creative experts opens access to a wide range of opportunities.

content with purpose

We know what works where. As a content agency we seek to truly understand your community and collaborate as an extension of your team, we apply this expertise to effectively communicate your brand, story, and purpose. 

creative content agency work
graphic and brand design columbus ohio
columbus ohio drone footage

the creative challenge

We believe that telling the story of what you do is as important as what you do. 

Developing a robust team capable of effectively communicating your brand, story, and purpose can be a significant challenge. There is a critical need to create and distribute content on many different platforms, but hiring a unicorn or a full department of central staff to meet this need is often unattainable.

your creative team

GP Creative presents its full-service creative team to assist in the development of impactful content and strategy, all at a price point comparable to hiring a single employee. We call this the Creative Team Subscription — CTS — and we can support your content needs in the following areas:

marketing &

communications strategy

brand strategy

social media management

content development

creative professional
web designer columbus ohio
drone footage columbus ohio

photo & video

photography & editing

videography & editing

advanced drone capture

motion graphics & animation

design & web

brand development

wix website design

custom illustration

graphic design

print layout

brand development

wix website design

custom illustration

graphic design

print layout

brand development

wix website design

custom illustration

print layout

graphic design

graphic design
brand design columbus ohio
graphic design
graphic design
graphic design
social media development columbus ohio

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frequently asked questions

  • We created a quick educational series to help you navigate this important question. It's important that you understand the pros and cons of hiring an agency vs. freelancers and employees. Reach out and we'll be happy to send you this resource. 

  • For new Creative Team Subscribers, we require a 3-month commitment. We have learned that this is the minimum amount of time to accomplish an effective partnership and to see the full return on the investment. We are able to offer discounts for longer contracts and pre-payment options. Please inquire for additional details. 

  • We have worked hard to hire an incredible team of creative professionals, and this experienced team is able to work efficiently to share their capacity and expertise with multiple clients. This allows us to allocate and manage high output and quality at a lower fractional cost. Also, since we’re focused on the development of effective content, we are able to increase our efficiency through advanced work management systems and tools that have been built for our creative professionals. 

  • Project lead times can vary greatly depending on the scope of a project. See below for general estimates. We work hard to plan ahead and anticipate your project needs to match these timelines. However, like your best employee, we also understand the dynamic needs of your community and can step up when needed. We also have custom pricing plans that can allow for expanded capacity and prioritized lead times.

    • First Draft Video Delivery: 10 business days after acquisition of all required media 

    • Video Revisions: 3–5 business days for each revision after receiving all feedback

    • Photo Editing: 4 business days. Photo Revisions: 2 business days 

    • Event Photography: Selects delivered by the end of next business day when required

    • Basic Graphic Design: 3–5 business days. Graphic Revisions: 2–3 business days

    • Advanced Graphic Design or Web Design: Variable based on complexity of projects

    • Animation and Illustration: Variable based on complexity of projects