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marketing &

Festa is ending poverty through life-changing relationships. While they functionally do this by hosting programs such as a Free Summer Lunch Camp for children and a 3-Generation Family ESL program for families to learn English, their true heart is to bring people together and change their lives through creating community. In order to communicate the impact they’re having both city and nationwide, they needed a communications team to help strategize their communications and execute that plan. As a part of their team, we create and help manage content for their social media channels, website, and email communications.

video & photo

Visually seeing the individuals Festa serves has more impact than written communication strategies. From New American immigrants seeking to learn English to children facing poverty yet having fun in the summer, a photo can tell a thousand words…and a video even more. We’ve delivered multiple projects highlighting Festa’s programs and powerful testimonies of life change.

print collateral

A large part of our partnership with Festa has been developing high-quality and effective design collateral. Used at several of their programs and among their dozens of sponsor organizations and many donors, this collateral is key in communicating Festa’s validity, impact, and opportunities for engagement. A recent project was a reimagined annual report that showcases key statistics from their programs, stories of life change, and on-ramps for getting involved.

website redesign

Recently rebranded in 2021, Festa desired a new website that quickly and effectively showcases who they are, what they do, their impact, and the next steps people can take. They desired a site that was easy to navigate to all their different programs, and spoke directly to their two audiences: volunteers and donors. You can visit their new site at

design & web

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