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marketing &

The PAST Foundation brings together educators, industry leaders, and diverse local communities to problem-solve for the future of work and inspire life-long learning. Seeking to strategize a plan for their brand and this messaging to key audiences, The PAST Foundation began a creative team subscription and ongoing partnership with GP Creative. We began by creating a comprehensive, unifying communications strategy to better define their audiences and platforms. Next, we gave their brand visuals a refresh and established written brand standards to equip their stakeholders. This all came together in a year-round plan featuring attainable goals and measures of success.

video & photo

This organization has a rich history of capturing high-quality content, but we found multiple opportunities to expand upon this and reinforce PAST’s essence through effective media. Highlighting their innovative programming, engaging community events, robust resources, and novel tools through photo and video helps express who they are and what they do.

Projects we’ve completed include general photo capture sessions, student event promotional videos, recap videos, fundraiser collateral, and social media reels.

brand refresh

Having been an integral part of the Columbus community for almost 25 years, PAST wanted to take its recognized and respected brand to new heights. Without changing its essence, we worked with the PAST team to create a new brand identity system that communicated the original heart but also allowed for a more robust usage. The updated branding provided more assets to use on sub-brands, events, partnerships, and even tools and resources like the PAST Portable Innovation Lab — a mobile kit that facilitates unique educational experiences by providing teachers and students with the resources that schools may not be able to purchase on their own.

With PAST’s updated visual brand identity system, we were able to fill out their social media and website platforms with a more robust and cohesive design. As an integrated part of their team, we provide uniform social post graphics and website assets. Also, as the hosting platform for PAST’s multiple websites, we can make quick adjustments and additions as needed.

STEM of Spirits

An important and unique fundraising opportunity for PAST, the “STEM of Spirits” needed a sub-brand developed, collateral designed and printed, and strategies for communicating to key stakeholders, attendees, and financial partners. Having a creative team for substantial events such as these proved to be incredibly beneficial for all those different needs.

design & web

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We provide the integrated creative services that help nonprofits thrive. Check out our service offerings and affordable pricing, and contact us today!

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