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marketing &

An organization dedicated to creating collaborative environments for faith-based businesses, nonprofits, and local churches needed a clear and concise way to communicate its purpose. The vision was to craft a city-wide, community-owned brand that is truly “For Columbus,” and to help communicate what that means. We developed a new brand strategy, visual brand identity system, and a communications strategy that aids in year-round planning.

video & photo

For Columbus hosts special events and smaller network gatherings featuring different groups of individuals across marketplace, nonprofit, and church environments. As part of their creative team, we’ve created materials that convey the vibe and vibrancy of the ministry — promotional videos, collateral, testimonials, and recap videos. Photos are also integral in telling their story and populating their site with stories of collaboration.

one city weekend

This four-day special event was a momentous endeavor to catalyze relationships and collaboration throughout the city. In our partnership, we created a sub-brand for One City Weekend, wide-ranging creative collateral, and a new event website. The brand assets communicate the ripple effect of our collaboration and how we can accomplish so much more together than we can apart. Check out the initiative on its website at

We desired to create a visual brand identity system that could be owned by the many communities and networks across the city of Columbus. Each aspect of their brandmarks has a very purposeful intent, and the various types of brandmarks provided can be used in almost any context for any community to declare they are “For Columbus.”

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make us one

Another major event for For Columbus, the annual Leaders Summit, brings CEOs, nonprofit directors, and church pastors together for a unified conference. They host diverse panel discussions with local leaders, keynotes, and table discussions centered around collaboration and catalyzation of relationships. A recent conference theme was “Make Us One,” for which we created a sub-brand that included digital graphics, merchandise, print collateral, and other communication tools.

design & web

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We provide the integrated creative services that help nonprofits thrive. Check out our service offerings and affordable pricing, and contact us today!

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